Stitcht! is a mockup by John Chavez for his Gender and Technology course at Davidson College. The website is intended to be a gender hack, which is a critical and creative project that attempts to transform, undo, subvert, or challenge some conventional aspect of gender and technology. The website puts into question how clothes as technology is underused or is inaccessible to individuals from lower income backgrounds due in part to how funds are diverted towards other needs (e.g. food, shelter). This leaves those individuals less enabled to express their gender identity. Additionally, the project draws attention to the intersections of class and online shopping. Despite the website allowing for EBT payments as well as layaway at locations for individuals without addresses, the website is ultimately only accessible by individuals with access to computers, public or otherwise. Finally, the project puts an emphasis on how the excess of middle and upper classes is recycled by lower classes and that the fashion choices of the higher classes determines the ability of those from lower classes to express their gender identity.

Products featured in the website come from Asos and H&M. Additionally, vector icons and other resources were used from freepik.